2014-2015 > Internal Reply

Internal Reply has been an exploration of identity. These small representations of life have been altered by experiences of my past. When I shape the plaster, it becomes a lining of protection. The plaster is quite strong when applied in excess however, when inflicted and exposed to the elements its weaknesses become visible.

The paint acts as an intentional covering of my imperfections and hides my insecurities. The quality of the black is altered for different areas in order to balance the piece compositionally. Although my application is purposeful, the paint is lead through the plaster and directed without my control. This introduces a conflict of the perceived self and presented self.

The collection is comprised of fragments of individual moments that later will be composed into a larger piece. The installment will represent a vast retention of memories, experiences, and pain from life that will form into a closed structure. Inside, is a shelter where true vulnerabilities can be unleashed and unknown.